Wednesday, April 6, 2011

London Bridge is Falling Down

 London was fantastic! It was honestly a nice break from language barriers! although their english is spoken very differently and at times hard to understand, it was still wonderful to travel and be able to ask for directions or read a menu and order alcohol. London is Beautiful! It puts manhattan to shame. It's CLEAN, so clean. Public transportation runs smoothly and is very helpful if there are any changes.The people in London are REALLY nice and funny which is a stereotype I don't think they get enough of!
    The coolest area was camden town with all the vintage markets and ethnic food! I  bought the coolest high top nikes, sun glasses and crop top. The areas was so cool with crazy store fronts on building and shopping for miles and a canal the runs through the middle. We also go to explore the city with someone who lives there. A guy friend of Becca's lives there  and showed us an amazing FREE night out ... it was quite the adventure!! 
 my favorite part of the trip sadly was enjoying ethnic food again. Italy is a  culture in itself that is very uninviting/accepting of other cultures so... there is not chinese or thai or mexican food really.. there are a couple of sad attempts but nothing worth the time or money.  So we ate WONDERFUL Thai and  Vietnamese and  for the last night we went to an amazing restaurant called Three Crowns which was fantastic where I got mussels. we also for lunch one ay went down to the borough market which was a fresh food market with every type of food you can imagine! I took full opportunity to try fish and chips which was delicious!!!!
   Our hostel was alright. I was in a room with 6 people the three of us and three random guys..  one that we called Hong Kong ( from Hong Kong)  one we called jesus ( there was a STRONG resemblance )  and  one was invisible  he came home late and left early we never saw him.  Glad to have my first group room hostel experience and hopefully my last. It just wasn't my thing. Call me a snob, whatever but I need my space and somewhere to look forward to come home to after an exhausting days of travel. Fun experience and glad I had it But not something i'm running back to do again.

 Also I forgot to say WE SAW THE QUEEN!!!!!!!! We walked up to buckingham palace and they were setting up for "someone" to exit and so we were like whose coming and everyone around was like I don't know and then all the sudden everyone was screaming "They are coming, they are coming" and low and behold .. they = the queen!! It was pretty cool!!

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